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About Us

Transage is an Internet software company. We build eCommerce systems that are truly scalable and cost-effective. Developing around our core VolumeTrade™ and Clonepack™ technologies, we have provided successful software solutions to clients in trading and online education industries.  Leveraging the power of Internet, Transage is poised to deliver more high-performance and low-cost systems for customers nationwide.



Our Code of Honor

  • We only work with sincere and honest people. We do not supervise anyone. Self-consciousness and integrity are the foundation of our team.
  • We expect people to do their best. We not only want to deliver the best work, but also want to become the best people in the process.
  • We respect each individual. We treat others the way we want to be treated. We help each other like brothers and sisters.
  • We are conservative people. We do not exaggerate what we can do or what we will be. We only promise what we can deliver.
  • We are on time and on target. We do whatever it takes to meet a deadline.
  • We do not complain or blame others. We demand more on ourselves. We take personal responsibility in providing solutions.
  • We are frugal people. We spend money carefully. We may take our guests to a nice French restaurant for dinner on one day, but go to Subway for our own meal the next.
  • We are well-organized people. We do things consistently following our procedures. We keep our workplace clean and tidy.
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